That Hunting Store provides a consignment service for your used firearms, bows, and accessories.


Due to the large number of firearms currently being brought in on consignment, we ask that you please call 613-838-8828 BEFORE bringing a large number of items in at once to make sure that we have space on the wall for them.

Step One: Bring your guns/bows/ammo/accessories to our team for evaluation. Together, you'll decide what the appropriate list price is based on market value and your expected return.

Step Two: Leave it to us! Your item will get added to the wall for our customers to see.

Step Three: Once your item sells, we will get the money to you either by cash or e-transfer once the sale is finalized. See below for payout details as there are some conditions that apply to Restricted Handgun Payouts.


The fee to list consignment items depends on the value and is added to the sticker price.

  • $0 - $499: $49.99
  • $500 - $1000: $99.99
  • $1000 - $1599: $149.99
  • $1600 - $2000: $199.99


Consignment payouts only occur after the sale is final. This means all transfers must be completed before the payment can be given to the seller. With the current overwhelming number of transfers that the RCMP has received due to the handgun ban announced by the government, transfers are taking anywhere from 4-6 MONTHS.  

We are unable to release the payment to the seller until this transfer has been completed as there is always a chance that the transfer will not go through and the firearm will need to be returned to the seller. We understand that this is frustrating and hope you understand that we have no control over this situation while we wait for transfers to go through.